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USA approves fly agarics as a dietary supplement: healing effect or uncontrollable risk?

Fly agarics as a dietary supplement? The fly agaric, known to be poisonous and dangerous, is gradually gaining a new narrative. In the USA, the GRAS testing committee has recognized the Amanita Muscaria extract AME-1 from a life sciences company as safe and given the American GRAS label (Generally Recognized As Safe). The review was upheld by a federal court in the Southern District of New York. This means that the product can now be sold as a harmless food additive.

In this article, we take a look at the potential effects of this unusual nutritional supplement on the body and mind.

Amanita Muscaria – probably the most famous mushroom in the world

Thanks to its red cap with white dots, the fly agaric is the most easily recognizable mushroom in the world - and probably the most famous.

There are a number of myths and legends surrounding the fly agaric. It was known as an intoxicant among the Nordic indigenous peoples. Vikings are said to have worshiped him and gained berserker powers through him. Reindeer like to eat it and some claim that Santa Claus, who is always dressed in white and red, was traced back to the fly agaric. Nintendo memorialized the legendary mushroom with Super Mario Mushroom in the 90s.

Every child is taught to give the fly agaric a wide berth because it is poisonous. However, fly agaric has never been the cause of any known deaths.

How does fly agaric work?

The reputation of the poisonous fly agaric is mainly due to the inadequacy of the ibotenic acid of the fresh mushroom, which largely decarboxylates to muscimol when dried.

Muscimol is the primary psychoactive ingredient of fly agaric and is a powerful agonist for GABA receptors. Muscimol has a sedative and hypnotic effect and it is believed that muscimol calms activity in the reptile brain, the brainstem - which can create a feeling of safety.

The use of fly agaric for intoxication has a tradition. Siberian shamans, Germanic tribes and even Mayan priests are said to have used the fly agaric as an intoxicant.

Today, users report that dried fly agaric in small doses can increase focus, well-being and self-confidence. The so-called microdosing is intended to lead to a boost that can also silence the desire for addictive substances such as coffee, sugar or chocolate.

The approval of the Amanita Muscaria extract AME-1 from Psyched Wellness

Psyched Wellness is a Canadian life sciences company working to identify non-psychedelic substances.

The company has developed its own extraction process to extract the restorative and healing elements of Amanita Muscaria. The extract is said to help reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and promote restful sleep.

Ramesh Gupta, Professor and Head of the Division of Toxicology at the Murray State University Breathitt Veterinary Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and a key member of the GRAS Review Board, said, "We acknowledge that Amanita Muscaria, the source of AME-1[... ] has been used safely in foods for thousands of years without producing negative toxicological results when properly prepared. “Based on the dossier, we unanimously conclude that AME-1 is safe for use in food as […] there are no safety concerns.”

The evidence comes from recent toxicological studies confirming that AME-1 does not cause toxicity to organ systems at the proposed serving size, as well as scientific evidence demonstrating that the substance is safe under the conditions of intended use.

The Psychedelic Revolution

Mind-altering substances remain controversial, despite increasing research showing their effectiveness in treating a wide range of disorders.

The chemicals produced by Amanita Muscaria have also been proven to have numerous applications in healthcare.

Scientists at the University of Toronto have shown that muscimol increases REM sleep in rats. Additionally, work at Ohio State University has shown that muscimol can reduce anxiety in rodents.

Preliminary results support the anti-inflammatory properties of AME-1 and suggest that AME-1 has a neuroprotective effect at the cellular level.


Despite the approval of AME-1 in the USA, Amanita Muscaria is not yet approved as a food or medicinal product in Germany. Nevertheless, the fly agaric is legal in Germany because the active ingredients muscimol and ibotenic acid it contain are not listed in the Narcotics Act (BtMG). That's why there are some providers who offer this legal high as incense for research purposes. So you can form your own opinion and experiment to find out what is good for your body and mind and what is not. In our partner shop you can conveniently order dried fly agarics online for smoking and research . For more information about smoking, we recommend this experience report on fly agaric .

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